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400 areas of study within more than 300 graduate programs

the training and experience you’ll acquire at the master’s or doctoral level will give you tools to drive change and excel in virtually any industry — whether you go on to teach and do research at a university, take a role in government, start a private enterprise, or embark on a professional career. our research-driven graduate programs will help guide you through a lifetime of intellectual study, opportunity, and challenge.

types of programs

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program degree type
accounting and finance maccfin
adult education and community development ma / med / phd
aerospace science and engineering masc / meng / phd
anthropology ma / msc / phd
applied computing mscac
architecture march
architecture, landscape, and design phd
art history ma / phd
astronomy and astrophysics msc / phd
biochemistry msc / phd
bioethics mhsc
biomedical communications mscbmc
biomedical engineering masc / meng / phd
biotechnology mbiotech
cell and systems biology msc / phd
chemical engineering and applied chemistry masc / meng / phd
chemistry msc / phd
child study and education edd / ma
cinema studies ma / phd
cities engineering and management mengcem
civil engineering masc / meng / phd
classics ma / phd
clinical engineering mhsc
community health mscch
comparative literature ma / phd
computer science msc / phd
counselling and clinical psychology – field in clinical and counselling psychology (oise) ma / phd
counselling and clinical psychology – field in clinical psychology (utsc) ma / phd
counselling psychology edd / med
criminology and sociolegal studies ma / phd
curriculum and pedagogy ma / med / phd
dentistry (research) msc / phd
dentistry (with specialty training) msc / phd
developmental psychology and education ma / med / phd
drama, theatre and performance studies ma / phd
earth sciences masc / msc / phd
east asian studies ma / phd
ecology and evolutionary biology msc / phd
economics ma / phd
educational leadership and policy edd / ma / med / phd
electrical and computer engineering masc / meng / phd
english ma / ma (creative writing) / phd
environmental science menvsc / phd
european and russian affairs ma
executive master of business administration (emba) mba (emba)
finance mf
financial economics mfe
financial insurance mfi
financial risk management mfrm
forensic accounting mfacc
forest conservation mfc
forestry mscf / phd
french language and literature ma / phd
genetic counselling msc
geography ma / msc / phd
germanic languages and literatures ma
germanic literature, culture and theory phd
global affairs mga
global executive master of business administration (gemba) mba (gemba)
global executive master of business administration for healthcare and the life sciences (gemba-hls) mba (gemba-hls)
global professional law gpllm
health administration mhsc
health informatics mhi
health policy, management and evaluation msc / phd
higher education edd / ma / med / phd
history ma / phd
history and philosophy of science and technology ma / phd
immunology msc / phd
industrial relations and human resources mirhr / phd
information mi / phd
italian studies ma / phd
kinesiology msc / phd
laboratory medicine
laboratory medicine and pathobiology mhsc / msc / phd
landscape architecture mla
language and literacies education ma / med / phd
law llm / msl / sjd
linguistics ma / phd
management analytics mma
management and professional accounting mmpa
management of innovation mmi
management, phd phd
master of business administration (extended full-time mba) mba (full-time extended)
master of business administration (full-time mba) mba (full-time)
materials science and engineering masc / meng / phd
mathematical finance mmf
mathematics msc / phd
mechanical and industrial engineering masc / meng / phd
medical biophysics msc / phd
medical genomics mhsc
medical science msc / phd
medieval studies ma / phd
molecular genetics msc / phd
museum studies mmst
music ma / phd
music performance dma / mmus
near and middle eastern civilizations ma / phd
nursing science dn / mn / phd
nutritional sciences msc / phd
occupational therapy mscot
pharmaceutical sciences msc / phd
pharmacology msc / phd
pharmacy mscphm
philosophy ma / phd
physical therapy mscpt
physics msc / phd
physiology msc / phd
planning mscpl / phd
political science ma / phd
professional kinesiology mpk
psychology phd
public health sciences drph / mph / msc / phd
public policy mpp
rehabilitation science msc / phd
religion ma / phd
school and clinical child psychology ma / phd
slavic languages and literatures ma / phd
social justice education edd / ma / med / phd
social work msw / msw (itr) / phd
sociology ma / phd
spanish ma / phd
speech-language pathology (practitioner) mhsc
speech-language pathology (research) msc / phd
statistics msc / phd
sustainability management mscsm
teaching mt
translational research in the health sciences mhsc
urban design mud
urban innovation mui
visual studies mvs
women and gender studies ma / phd